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March 2011

Lake Tekapo, Christchurch and Kaikora

The final days......

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We knew once leaving Queenstown the end was in sight, much to our disappointment, however we wanted to make sure our last few days were fun and as exciting as the rest of New Zealand. With Mike and Rebecca leaving on the same day as us from NZ, we decided to travel on the Big Green bus to Christchurch with them and stop in a little town called Lake Tekapo. When the bus first arrived we all wondered why we had bothered at all. It was freezing cold, ice and snow everywhere and you couldn't see anything for the fog that was over the lake. To make matters worse our suitcase that we bought in Australia was falling apart. Mainly the wheels in which i was pulling it along. So I had to carry the bloody thing to the hostel, and lets just say it had all of our stuff in it so wasn't light!! Altogether not the best start. So we settled into our hostel, had lunch and then decided to head back towards the lake to see if things had cleared up. Thankfully they had and we got to see the crisp blue lake that we had heard people rave about. Having seen the lake we weren't sure what else there was to do there so went for a walk and came across the snow park. It was basically a big area to relax, Ice skate or throw yourself down a snow hill on a rubber ring. We opted for the rubber ring down the hill and the relaxing hot spring baths. The tobogganing was good fun and quite dangerous (the previous day a guy had cut all his face open and there had been an accident between two young kids). Ahh but what's the worst that could happen we thought. Thankfully nothing bad happened and we spent an hour running around like kids. So it was a nice way to end the day by relaxing in the hot springs. The following day we got back on the green bus for the last time to our final destination Christchurch. It has been described as a very English city, and it basically is a very English town, with not much going for it!! We all checked into our hostel, of which we managed to land a flat to ourselves for the 4 of us, with own TV room, Kitchen and Shower room all for the same price as the standard rooms. The owner seems to want to give everything away free??? We spent the first day looking for the shops, by 11am we had seen them all, and decided to give up and instead relax back at the hostel. The second day we headed to the mall, not my idea for a change and had done that by 12pm and gave up and headed back. We didn't want to make the same mistake the third day so went looking for a place to hire a car and head up to the whale watching town, Kaikoura. We found a place and also managed to find a Salvation army which had two suitcases for $10 (4 quid). Bargain. So the following day we set out for Kaikoura in our little PINK Yaris. Yes i chose it, but it did look cool. Honest. After a 2 1/2 hour drive we got to Kaikoura and wasn't surprised to find it was tiny. We had heard that about 20 mins north there was a place where you could watch baby seals swimming in a waterfall. As the weather was quite hot and sunny we headed straight there, and wow it was amazing. There were baby seals walking around, jumping, playing in the waterfall and they even came up close to you. Was crazy. Was really nice to see and we got some good videos. After this we did a bit of shopping, but unfortunately found that the whale watching would be too expensive. Ah well we have managed to do so much in New Zealand we weren't too fussed. We headed back to Christchurch for our second to last night travelling. Our last day was spent shopping for last minute presents (for ourselves) and enjoying the last part of freedom before heading back to the UK!! We had an amazing 8 months, which flew by so quickly and we will both miss it very much. Time to start planning for our next big trip. We hope you have enjoyed our blog. Thanks for reading!!

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