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Coromandel Peninsula & Rotorua

All aboard, the Kiwi Bus

rain 8 °C

wooo and I never win arguments!!! We got up early the following day to catch the Kiwi experience (our transport around New Zealand) from Auckland. Its a massive green bus4694260813_df6e14887d.jpg. , described by the locals as the "Big green shag bus" or something like that! This didn't fill us with much confidence as to what it would be like but it has turned out to be a wicked way of seeing the country.....so far. Anyways, after checking in at the office we headed off to Mount Eden, which gave us a cool 360 degree view of Auckland cityWe then headed off on route to the Coromandel Peninsula and Catherdral Cove beach. Along the way our driver gave us a lot of information about the views and New Zealand in general, unfortunately I fell for a corker of a lie, which involves cows and a "New Technology" which changes the cows skin colour when they needed milking. Shocking I know but hey I was sucked in by his cool stories!!! When we arrived to Cathedral Cove beach we hadn't planned on a 40 minute walk to the beach4694300259_246805b98e.jpg and Anna had forgotten to wear her new walking shoes, instead opting for the warmer UGG boots. It was a gorgeous day and it was a very nice beach just a shame it wasn't that warm so we couldn't go for a swim. After a night in Mercury Bay we headed off for Rotorua, via an old gold mining town. We got to walk through all the old caves and also see our first glimpse of the famous NZ glowworms (They're not actually glowworms but maggots and the green stuff that glows is their poo). From here we headed to Rotorua for our first taste of some adventure sports. Rotorua stinks...of eggs. Its because of all the sulphure as its on an active volcano. This in turn makes for a lot of cool mud pools, geysers and thermal pools, which are very cool. We got to see this first hand at Tepuia, a local Mauri centre which explained how they used to use the hot thermals to cook and survive back in the day!! From here we headed to the Lugeing centre for some more lugeing action. It wasn't quite as spectacular as doing it in Singapore (that was done at night) but the tracks where much longer and if you went fast enough you could actually get some air on a bump. Anna didn't manage to get any but I did and nearly crashed as I was going way too fast. Anna was actually much better this time and didnt finish last everytime!!! It was quite a long day and once all this was finished we checked into the "Funky Green Voyager" our favourite hostel in New Zealand. This place had a nice log fire, big kitchen and warm, clean rooms. The atmosphere there was also good and we met some cool people. The next day we had White Water rafting and a 7 metre drop. One of the biggest drops you can do on a grade 5 rapids4694830182_a6f15165b5.jpg. It was so much fun, and not as cold as we thought. There were only 4 of us in the boat so it was a lot of work. You can see from the pictures that it was quite a tough run, with 3 big waterfalls and lots of rapids. We managed to stay in the boat the whole way even over the massive waterfall which was good. Didn't fancy going for a swim in the cold water. When we had finished we managed to blag our way into a free BBQ which was good. Basically the people who were also on the rapids, in another boat, were celebrating a birthday and had lots of food so invited us in. Was very good and saved us some cash. We got picked up a few days later by the big green bus and headed for the famous farm show. This is basically a place where you watch sheep getting sheared, cows milked and dogs rounding up ducks, all in a comical way. It was very funny and the guy picked on me because I was the only person there who said they were from England. I also got called up to the stage to feed some baby lambs.....ahhh very cute. From here we headed of to Waitomo to do some Black Water Rafting. This isn't like White Water rafting were you are in a big raft, instead its you and a rubber ring riding some rapids in a pitch black cave, jumping off water falls and exploring all the glowoworm tunnels.4715571223_664b22e69d.jpg It was really good fun for me, however Anna did not like it at all and had a little panic attack down there. It was very claustrophobic, dark, cold and as there was a lot of rain and the water levels were up high which made it very hard to walk around. Anna unfortunately doesn't like any of these aspects and had to endure 1 1/2 hours of hell. At one point she managed to fall out of her rubber ring and was flying along the rapids and caught at the end by one of the guides before she went over a waterfall. This did not help matters and i had to make sure i helped her all the way around. At the end we got a nice warm soup and Anna decleared never to do anything like that again......

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