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Dondet / 4000 Islands

A waterfall, A Beach and an Aussie Restaurant

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We came to Dondet from Vang Vieng, avoiding Vientiane on the way because a few people had said it wasn't worth going to. Plus the southeast asia games were being played there so the place was chocka. We got to Dondet and were pretty disappointed. P1000805.jpgIt was ridiculously chilled out which wasn't really where we were at! It was so chilled out that if you went into a restaurant you pretty much had to grab yourself a menu, find the waitress and pour yourself a beer! We found a bungalow to crash in (you'll find out as this blog continues that I have a dislike for bungalows), and chilled out in a hammock for a bit. We decided to hire a couple of bikes to find the waterfall and beach. We cycled all the way to the other island called Don Khon and were rewarded with some pretty cool views and had a quick dip in the river. In the evening we found a really nice place to eat run by an aussie guy who did a great bakery in the mornings.P1000801.jpg Adam and I treated ourselves to some amazing banana and chocolate doughnuts, chocolate brownies, cinnamon buns, caramel shortbread and spongecake!Unfortunately that was pretty much all there was to do in Don Det although its definately worth going to purely for the bakery! We left after a couple of days to begin our new adventure in Cambodia!

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The only thing to do in Vang Vieng

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We weren't really sure what to expect when we got to Vang Vieng. We had heard that all that was there was boozing and Tubing down the river....and thats exactly what we found. Having come from Luang Prabang, which is a nice quiet place it was hard to adjust to start with, but once we had settled in our Guest House and found our bearings we soon found ourselves at the first bar. The next day we headed off for some tubing action. P1010275.jpgYou basically hire a tube for the day and they drop you off at the first bar on the river. From hear you get given free shots and down a few beers (bear in mind this is at 1pm). They have a big swing here that you can go on and drop into the river. We all did it, even Anna, which i was impressed with. (We did go back sobber the following day to which she couldn't believe she had done it!!!!). At the first bar we saw some girl lose her grip too early and face plant into the water. OUCH. The water wasn't that deep either so she was lucky. Once you have finished at the 1st bar you walk to the second bar, hoping that you still have a tube (people just take them even if they haven't hired them).Here there is more music, more drinking and more rope swings/zip wire. I went on the zip wire, having seen Steve hold on till the end and get thrown up into the air and land on his back. So funny. I made sure i let go before the end and made a good landing. By this time all our tubes had been taken so we quickly made our way (walking, we haven't used our tubes yet, bit annoying) to the third bar. Here we had a quick drink then headed to the forth bar, this time floating in our tubes, which only lasted about 2 mintues. All the bars are really close together. You only really need the tube for the end bit to find a tuk tuk. All in all it was a fun day and everyone got really drunk. Oh and Anna, Steve and Jenny decided to play a bit of mud Volleyball. Unfortunately i didn't have the camera so cant show you but she was covered head to toe in Mud. Quite amusing. We then floated down and headed back to town for some much needed food.

The next day we said goodbye to Sav and Beej who were heading for the 4000 islands. They are on a tight Schedule to get to Thailand for a full moon party at new year and still had Cambodia and Vietnam to see in 18 days. Lets hope they make it. Jenny and Steve stayed and we all decided to hire bikes again (This time we made sure Steve's bike worked) and head to some Caves. They were ok, nothing special so we only stayed a little while and then decided to head back to the Tubing, this time armed with a Camera to capture us on the rope swings. However, as i mentioned earlier, Anna decided she didn't fancy doing it sober, so i had to do it on my own. I have to say, your a lot more aware of how high it is when your sober. So we got some good pics and a video, which i will try put on facebook at some point.

Vang Vieng was a nice place and we really enjoyed the tubing but we decided we would head to the 4000 Islands the next day, with a nice 14 hour journey ahead of us we left Jenny and Steve who were off North to the plain of Jars.

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Laos - Luang Prabang

UNESCO world heritage town with a beautiful waterfall thrown in!

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We finally decided we were gonna give Laos a go and set off with Beej and Sav to Chang Kong from where we would catch a slow boat (2 days on the river) to Luang Pubang in Laos. We had met another couple from England, Steve and Jenny the night before, so the 6 of us set off on what was a long trip. When we finally got to the boat it was already full so we had to find any seat we could. Anna managed to find herself one of the comfy seats, whereas I was stuck on the wooden bench (thank god I bought a pillow) and we did swap halfway through the 6 hour first day trip so it wasn’t too bad.P1000546.jpg Steve and Jenny had unfortunately got stuck at the back next to the engine, which couldn’t have been nice as it was so loud. We stopped for the night at Pakbang, a small little village which ran off of generators. This was amusing because at 10:30 all the lights in the town went off!!! We also saw the biggest spider I have ever seen!!! In the morning we set off on the final 7 hours of our trip. The views were gorgeous but it was a long day. We passed the time playing cards and trying to figure out where we were gonna stay. When we finally arrived in Luang Prabang after 13 hours on a slow boat we were all pleasantly surprised. It was a small beautiful town, which had felt like it should have been on the beach. We all set off to try find a room for the next few days and quickly found one right on the river. We then headed to the night market, which we thought has been the best one so far!! We also ate there and i had nice BBQ chicken and pork which made a change and Anna had some Veg Noodles. Then we headed to a bowling alley which was where all the cool kids hang out after their 11pm curfew!P1000613.jpg It was pretty good, I was appalling, Adam was unfortunately his usual good, smug self ;-) The next day we headed to the Kuang Si Waterfalls which were stunning. P1000654.jpgThey had a rope swing which you could swing off of into the cold water...I was the first to do it, with Anna saying it was too cold. Steve also gave it a go but we couldn’t persuade Anna or any of the others. At the waterfalls there was also a bear sanctuary where rescued bears were looked after. It was nice to see them up close and they seemed happy, although a lot of them were asleep!! The following day we decided to rent out bikes and go to the other side of the Mekong and visit the villages that weren’t filled with tourists. So we jumped in a slow boat with the bikes on the roof, glad they didn’t fall in. Over the other side it was a different world to the French influenced town we were staying. We rode along the dirt tracks which were their roads, with Steve having to stop every 10 minutes with his chain jamming on his bike. We went past little shacks trying to dodge animals in the way. We also met 2 little girls who followed us on a bike.P1000691.jpg Anna enjoyed showing them our camera taking funny photos of her and them. We weren’t sure if they had ever seen pictures of themselves so it was nice for them. It was a nice ride into the little village which was yet another example of the wonderful sights we have been lucky enough to see in South East Asia. Our last night we went up to the temple to get some pictures of the sunset which were, as you can see, amazing! After Luang Prabang we headed to Vang Vieng for the notorious tubing!!

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Chiang Mai

Trekking, Andy, Opium


We booked a ‘vip’ bus to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It was a long and tiring trip, made easier by watching monsters vs aliens on our netbook! We had planned not to do a trek and see Pai instead cos it was meant to be beautiful but the bus driver had other plans. They drop you off at ‘not so’ nice place in Chiang Mai at 5 in the morning when you are knackered and just want to sleep and try to sell you their rooms and treks. We were sold. Booked a 2 night trip up to Pai with some guy who called himself ‘Crazyman’...The next day we set off on our trek with Beej and Sav who we met on the way up, an American couple called Cass and Bridget, a Canadian called Clarissa and ‘Andrew’ (who you will hear more about later) we still don’t know if he was a genuine trekker or worked secretly for ‘nice place’. We set off and the pace was pretty fast...little did we know we were just heading back to Crazyman’s hometown for the night. The views were amazing however, and we went to a local village where a woman cooked us a lovely lunch. IMG_1587.jpgWe got to the town we would be staying at for the night and found our room which was a bamboo hut to fit 10 of us in. Then the boys played football with the locals where they got their arses kicked! Adam being Adam managed to cut his knee but he’s doing ok ;-)In the evening we had dinner around candlelight and then some local people came and joined us to sing and dance which was really nice.DSC_1668.jpg Then the evening took a dark turn...The locals decided to try and make some cash off of us by trying to sell some opium. Andrew (if that was his real name) was straight in there puffing away and trying to encourage us to try some. At £6 a go and us not being druggies we declined but ‘Crazyman’ (meant to be our tour guide) and his sidekick Andrew had finished off most of it and retreated to bed, leaving us with the locals all getting high. It was a very weird, surreal night which we won’t forget in a hurry. We woke up early the next day for what would be one of the hardest days trekking known to man!! We left at 7:30am (way too early for us) and the first 20 minutes were up a steep hill that never seemed to end!! We walked constantly for 1hr 30min by which time we were ready for a break, and this came in the form of a cute little waterfall. If it hadn’t been so cold we would have jumped in, however we were soon back on our feet climbing more hills, which was made difficult by slippery mud and Anna wearing trainers with little to no grip!! Typical. So me being a gentleman I helped her along!!! After another hour or so we came to an open field where we saw 3 elephants. 2 adults and a little baby. The 2 adults were our ride for a while, but we weren’t comfortable doing this. We had to get onto them by standing on their head and climbing onto the seat. I had originally been asked to sit on the mums head for the journey but it was a little awkward so I instead went into one of the seats which was a little more comfortable. We did this for about 40 minutes and then it was the final stretch of our walk. The guide had told us it was a short distance but 50 mins later I definitely disagreed with him. We had some lunch and then did some rafting. Now we had thought this was gonna be a nice relaxing end to the day, but no. I had to steer the raft along with a bamboo stick whilst Anna spent most of her time falling into the river!! All in all it was a good but tiring experience. We got to see some awesome views and see how a tribe lived as well as some extreme exercise. We had fun but were ready to get to our hotel and decide if Laos was for us or not!

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The first few steps

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We arrived in Bangkok after an uncomfortable 11 hour journey stuck between an unsociable German and a perverted Frenchman. Managed to make our way to the infamous Kho San Road and got conned out of £1.20 (ouch to the budget) by the tuk tuk driver only to be taken full circle. Good start! Our hostel here is lovely, got a rooftop pool and everything! But I’ve warned Adam not to get used to this luxury! Spent the first evening finding our feet and sorting out Adam’s tooth dramas! Then got up early the next day to check out the Grand Palace.P1000191.jpg Pretty nice place as you can see. We saw a mini Angkor Wat, the Green Buddha and all sorts of wonders! In the evening we tried out the local cuisine, I opted for the trusty Green curry and Adam splashed out on sweet and sour chicken. Afterwards we tried out a Thai massage and avoided the dodgy ‘men only’ section. The next day we went to the floating market, sold as ‘Venice of the east’.P1000250.jpg It was mad! The river was crammed with boats and at one point at boat was actually going over some woman’s head! It was very picturesque though and we got some great photos. After that we chilled out by the pool and planned our trip to Northern Thailand.

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