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Oz Part Deux!

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.

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After seeing one dreary 1950's timewarp town after another we decided to skip small town Oz altogether and just see the cities. Our first port of call was Brisbane which was a nice laid back city. We saw a few sights including Parliament House, Botanical Gardens and of course the shops! We also went to watch a game of 'Aussie Rules', knowing it was our first game the ticket woman rather cruelly put us slap bang behind the goal which meant balls flying at us for half the game! It was rather entertaining tho, especially the Aussies in front us who hurled abuse at the players throughout the game (a favourite being 'piss off ya fanny').4628589069_011c9baf94.jpg
After a few days in Brisbane we hotfooted it on a flight (flashpacker style) to Sydney. Luckily Adam's friend lived right in the centre of the city and we stayed with him for about a week. Once again we saw the usual sights including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbour. We took a ferry over to a place called Manly and came back when it was dark, the plan being to get some great nightime shots of the Opera House. This didn't quite go to plan due to freezing weather and a bout of seasickness. All these sights pale in comparison however with the story I'm going to tell you next...I wanted to go to a 'mind body and soul' exhibition (hippy shit) but Adam really didn't fancy it so I ventured off on my own. I'm walking around the stalls when who should I see but the one and only Richie from 5ive!!! (If you're not sure which one he is, he's the one that always looked like he was wearing make up). I figured as no one was around I could waltz up to him and get his autograph so after stalking him for a few minutes I plucked up the courage to poke him in the arm. I asked him for his autograph and I think he thought I was a genuine fan until I asked him to write 'Keep on Movin' for me. He looked at me with disgust and reluctantly agreed. After shaming myself I had to make a quick getaway and promptly left the building!
The next day we headed up to a place called the Blue Mountains which was a couple of hours from Sydney and was a really nice place with amazing views. There's a blue mist around the trees everywhere due to the eycalyptus trees hence the name! 4630809756_d04482f846.jpg We did a looong walk and then went to a really quaint cafe with an open fireplace, lovely!
Next stop Melbourne. We stayed in a 4 bed dorm with only 3 of us in it most of the time, our roomie was a girl called Una from Ireland. The hostel is pretty nice except for the occasional stripper passing by....A particular highlight of the hostel was a guy from Israel called Yaneth who, when the dvd player stopped working due to a timer being set on it, took it upon himself to cover the security camera, break into the cupboard and reset the dvd player while shouting 'I promised you a movie...I'm gonna give you a movie', what a hero! Anyhoo the first night in melbs we went to a bar which offered free drinks which we never say no to! The next night was Tom Cruise night, coupled with red wine, perfect (maybe not for Adam!). Then on the friday we met up with Adam's friends Charles and Sarah. Sarah very kindly offered to be our host for the next day and took us on a tour of the infamous Ramsey Street, which is actually called Pin Oak Court, we've been conned! It was also pretty small but still good all the same (definately getting back into neighbours when I get home!). We also checked out a place called St Kilda which is a chilled out seaside town which was pretty nice. The next day Adam and I went to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image where Adam got to play old school Nintendo games the whole time, score! We also managed to blag free beauty treatments from a University training up beauticians while in Melbs, I got a pedicure, manicure, facial and massage - pretty much a full body overhaul and all for free!! On the Saturday we went to a Guiness Book of World Records 'Most number of Superheroes' attempt, which involved us getting a free superhero outfit each! I'm also pleased to announce we won the attempt, so I guess we're in the Book of Records now (somewhere!) 4664464363_773f6d1870.jpg On the final night we decided to blow our final $30 at the casino, never really thinking we'd win anything. Little did we realise I was a professional gambler in a previous life. I had tactics (which obviously I'm not going to reveal) and it worked everytime winning us $80!! Overall we liked Australia but it's so expensive to do anything and it's so damn big! We were looking forward to getting to New Zealand where we had more cash and it's a lot smaller!

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I'm afraid you have been conned again! New Zealand may be smaller but there is twice as much to do, so you're gonna need twice the money :p I'll be well impressed if you two do a bungee jump, I dare ya!!! Xx

by mafgirl

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